How can I trust you?

You can speak to our clients, after all we’ve been providing a “Best of Breed” service to them for many years.

Is there any limit of calls you can take?

Because we use “Cloud based technology” we have the capacity to receive an unlimited amount of calls. Calls are queued at the Internet level and delivered when an agent is next available.

Will my calls be answered in the UK?

Yes, all our agents are UK based. We have a number of agents placed all over the UK, ready to answer your calls.

How will training be carried out?

All of our agents are fully trained in your products or services using a train the trainer program. Obviously training depends on the complexity, but we usually recommend an intensive 6 weeks training program. We can however shorten this if your processes are not as complex.

What happens if my business changes?

Here at First Call Helpdesk we understand that people change their minds. We have a very flexible approach, and all of our systems can be changed very quickly depending on what your business needs are.

How Technical are your staff?

All of our agents have at least 2 years worth of experience of working in a Technical Call Centre Industry. Of course sometime you might want a specific skill set of a technical nature or specific language. In these instances we have a business partner who provide us with the specified skill set you require. We can be as technical as your business needs.

Will I be tied into a contract?

We will initially get you to sign a 90 day rolling contract. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee because we are that passionate in delivering a service of excellence!

What makes you different from other Outsourced Call Centres?

Our agents are carefully selected, ensuring that they deliver the best possible service to our clients. They go through an intensive training program, making sure they deliver the best possible service to your customers. We have a flexible working shift, which means we can recruit the best possible experts. We also utilise Homeworkers, who really are a key part to our business!