Case Study: 2Ergo

The Challenge

2Ergo were presented with a challenge whereby they were to create a mobile application that would improve customer retention and brand awareness. In 2004 a mobile operator promotion was launched, offering their customers the chance to receive ‘two-for-one’ cinema tickets every Wednesday. Wednesday was chosen as cinema attendance was the lowest on this day.

The Solution

Buongiorno wanted to make this process easy for customers and cinemas wanted to ensure their transition times at the box office were unaffected. Buongiorno chose 2ergo’s coupon redemption offering, which enabled Customers to easily take up the offer and ensured cinemas could quickly validate their customers when they arrived at the box office.
2Ergo partnered with First Call Helpdesk, who were flexible in their approach and could provide a support desk for cinemas to call should they require any assistance with using the new technology. First Call Helpdesk would also provide a storage and configuration solution, fully managing the exchange process of the Orange ‘Rapos Units’

The Result

Orange Wednesdays was launched in 2004

The promotion was only meant to last for a 3 year period, however due to the success it has now been running for 9 years!
First Call Helpdesk’s professional manner and flexible approach really make this operation a success. Without First Call Helpdesk support, it would be difficult to achieve such outstanding performance and results.

Outsourcing the Customer Support desk to First Call Helpdesk really keeps us focused on growing and developing our business.