Case Study A Leading Heating Manufacturer

Case Study: A leading heating manufacturer

When you arrive home in the dark depths of winter and your boiler is not working, you need to speak to someone who can help – and fast. For our client, a leading heating manufacturer, one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe ensuring no customer is kept waiting 24/7, 365 days, is why they turned to First Call Helpdesk for support.

Our Client, the UK Aftersales and Parts Manager of the firm’s UK operations, takes up the story:
“We have a department here that responds directly to homeowners who call in with questions about their boilers. Our client base is so large and the volume of calls at times, so great, we had to consider a third party solution to best serve those calling.

“The worst thing possible for us is for someone to have waited 25 -30 minutes before they speak to us when they have a problem and do not have any heating. They are already cold and deserve to speak to someone who can help. Equally, we do not want merchants kept waiting on the phone either.

“I have to be honest, it was luck rather than judgement, that we found First Call Helpdesk. A former employee heard we were considering using a third party and already knew First Call Helpdesk and recommended them, which led to the meeting with Jane Midwood and started the ball rolling.
“It saved me a lot of time looking around and finding the right company and getting them working, so that recommendation was invaluable.
“We train them up as if they were our own staff and they will take calls from homeowners and they will determine whether or not one of our engineers or a third party engineer needs to attend and how urgent that is.

“They help us achieve our aim of ensuring that every call is answering quickly and the caller is either offered a solution or given a resolution before that call ends. Sometimes it can be solved over the phone, and where an engineer does need to go out, First Call Helpdesk can confirm that and will use exactly the same systems we use, to book an engineer and then call the customer back to confirm when to expect the engineer.

“First Call Helpdesk operate as both as an overflow or will answer calls directly; naturally we try to answer our calls and it is seamless if we cannot. It also gives us valuable protected time for training or staff development and we can divert entirely to First Call Helpdesk and work with the team together without any impact on our staff.

“First call Helpdesk will answer as our brand and the customer will get an identical service and will believe, and effectively have, spoken to us.
“We do quality assure their delivery on a regular basis with the supervisor of customer service department calling anonymously to check if the service is the same as our in-house team and happy to report it always is. We also closely monitor call waiting times on a rolling basis.

“We also get a quality report every month from First Call Helpdesk which analyses the call volume against the time of calls and this allows us to allocate resources accordingly and often accurately predict demand.

“We have been running for just over a year now and we got them in ahead of the peak demand throughout the winter and it has saved us a lot here in the office.

“We give them quarterly training to bring them up to speed and there is ongoing training and effectively they receive identical training as our own staff.
“I’ve had experience of third parties and to be honest I wasn’t sure how well It would transfer to call handling and I had reservations, but I have been pleasantly surprised and it really works. We got them as we prepared for Christmas
“Our plan is to grow and naturally that means more support from First Call Helpdesk will be needed. We are also looking to upskill our own staff into more challenging rolls and First Call Helpdesk gives us the capacity to do that without impacting on customer service.

“I would recommend First Call Helpdesk in a heartbeat. They offer a 24/7 service, which means we do and we are the only company in the industry that does that, and that is a big selling point.
“People do get in from holiday at 2am and find they’ve got no heating and the Christmas Day and Boxing Day coverage was massive for us, for our customers to call in and effectively deal with us ”is invaluable.