Case Study: Crif

Case Study: Crif Decision Solutions – Helpdesk Facility

In September 2002 CRIF Decision Solutions approached First Call Helpdesk Ltd to provide a Helpdesk service to support their clients using their web services. The clients were all involved in the Insurance industry. As a start up it was difficult to estimate call volumes, however the call centre needed to provide availability on Monday through to Friday between 8:30am and 6:00pm
CRIF wanted a dedicated phone line into the Helpdesk and calls to be logged through an online call logging system.
Key factors in Outsourcing this function was that First Call Helpdesk should act as an extension of CRIF’S business and that a quality service must be provided.


First Call Helpdesk provided CRIF with a dedicated 0844 number, which routed calls through to a pool of highly skilled and trained agents who would then answer the call using a specific salutation. Because all of First Call Helpdesks platforms are Cloud based (Internet) it gave us the peace of mind that First Call Helpdesk had a robust solution in place, and no one would ever receive an engaged tone.

Each call would be logged onto an online service desk and the caller would be provided with a unique call ID.
First Call Helpdesk worked with CRIF in developing the training material and used the ‘train the trainer approach’ to ensure all agents possessed the skills required.


First Call Helpdesk demonstrates high integrity at all times, and has become a valued extension of CRIF’S business and they are now supporting over 40,000 end users of CRIF’s services. They always work with a flexible approach and a ‘can do’ attitude in whatever they do. They are a key part of our business, and always display a professional manner when dealing with CRIF’S clients.
Outsourcing is a real skill – First Call Helpdesk would be my business partner of choice.