Is good customer service important?

Is good customer service important? A company is only as strong as its customer service. After all, this department is often the first point of contact whenever there’s an issue or a problem that needs resolving. It can therefore be detrimental when businesses misjudge the importance of their customer service and subsequently fail to make […]

Why should you Outsource your IT- Repair Call-Logging Helpdesk

Introduction Over the last decade business have had to become more creative in their thinking, and open up a world of flexible services to suit their customer’s needs. Businesses have to have the edge over their competitors whilst driving down costs. Predominantly IT Companies and Engineers have been allowed to work on the front line, […]

The challenges of reshoring versus offshoring

It’s Friday and having just received my invitation to listen to a webinar from ‘Outsource’, I sat back and listened to the 60 minutes in peace with my door shut and no interruptions. The audience were asked the following questions: To what extent do you believe reshoring will affect your resourcing decision over the next […]

Value for your money

I’m a great believer in value for money, and really do love a bargain or two; don’t we all? When it comes to business we all want to save money where we can, but we also have to be realistic. We often think that ‘doing it ourselves’ is going to be the cheapest option, but […]

Is YOUR business prepared for the storm?

BBC weather forecaster Michael Fish was left famously red-faced when, on the eve of the Great Storm of 1987, he assured the British public there would be no “hurricane”. So as the UK braces itself for severe storm and rain, how is this going to effect your business tomorrow? Millions of people in England and […]

If YOU charge your Smart phone on your laptop you MUST read this!

This is really serious stuff! For the past 6-8 months the Internet in our office has slowed to snail’s pace practically every afternoon! You could set your watch by it, and it was causing endless headaches (not literally). We outsource our IT to a local Company Net Team Consultants (who are great I might add), […]

Amy’s Sky-high after potting tittle ..

We are so proud of our very own expert Amy Little! Tonight she is to be televised on the one and only SKY TV channel 428 from 8pm. Amy Little from First Call Helpdesk based in Newbury, has received media coverage in the local Newbury Weekly New and online BUZZ magazine this week, so she […]