IT Alert monitoring 24 hours a day

You’re a IT specialist who monitors your customers networks 24/7/365. Do you have the people in place to cover your out of hours service? Monitoring your alert failures through the night is a specialist task. It’s about managing the process as a whole, and reacting to the alert quickly and in a professional manner. Making sure processes and procedures are followed in a timely manner is a critical task for any professional organisation!

Specialists in:

  • IT systems monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Email Alerts

Understanding your business is all part of the service at First Call Helpdesk. We understand that your customers need you at different times of the day. The world is becoming impatient, and we must be geared up to deal with the demand.

We understand what it takes to make a difference. Using our solutions could be the best decision you have made this year!
By using First Call Helpdesk 24 hour alert monitoring service -your customers are given a dedicated phone and email line to call in an emergency. Our team of trained agents follow your processes on handling a call out, and respond within the set out SLA’s of your business.

We understand how important it is to have a trusted business partner to work with – who can work with you and your customers as efficiently and effectively as your team. You are the final decision maker – it is your process we follow meaning you decide how we handle your calls.

All calls are logged using either our online ticketing system or your system – the choice is yours! Calls can be recorded, and the data accessed – after all we want you to know what a quality service you are receiving from the team at First Call Helpdesk!