Critical Support for IT Companies

Everybody relies on their IT infrastructure to be available 24/7/365 days per year. Managing the initial call In-House can become very expensive, especially if you have to employ a team of people to be available 24/7/365 days per year. First call Helpdesk specialize in taking the initial call, logging a capturing critical information to waking up your On-Call Engineer and passing the information on. We have a small team of highly skilled agents who understand the importance of a ‘Critical Outage‘ They understand how important it is to confirm the information from your caller to confirming the critical nature of the fault. Making sure your Customer can be assured that an On-Call Engineer will be in contact with them shortly.

IT Contuinty

Because Companies like yours rely on our services we have to make sure our processes are robust.
We have systems in place to enable our team of highly skilled agents to monitor alerts generated from your IT systems.
We use technologies to forward messages using SMS messages. This not only logs a ticket into the service desk, but it alerts the agents that their is a system fault. The agent will then alert the On-Call IT Engineer.

There is nothing worse that arriving at your workplace at 8 o-clock only to find you cannot access your files on your service or that your phones or internet services have gone done.

This proactive approach means that 99% of the time your Customer is unaware that there was an issue with their server or services. This provides your customer with excellent customer service.

On-Call Rotas

First Call Helpdesk have various methods of accessing your Engineers rota.

We accept the following methods:

  • Monthly emails
  • Access to your online system
  • Google Docs

We build your rota into the workflow so that the agent never calls out the wrong person.
Our service desk uses details screens and articles to detail the information that the agent needs to take. This means that we always gather the information that your On-Call Engineer requires

Support around the Globe

More and more businesses are trading with Countries outside of Europe. This means supporting multiple time zones 7 days a week.
With First Call Helpdesks flexible approach, we can help you achieve your business goals!

In-Hours Overflow

First Call Helpdesk also offers In-Hours overflow services to IT Companies. This service provides you with additional resource should you suddenly receive an increase of calls. 
The call will always be delivered to your 1st Line support team, if however they are busy on other calls or you have sickness or holiday within your team the call will over flow to First Call Helpdesk. 
Calls will always be answered in your brand. The agent will log the call detailing the callers issue and email this through to your support team for them to action in a priority order.

24/7/365 IT call Logging

It makes sense as your business grows to look at how you can improve the workflow managed and processes.
To have an In-House team of 1st Line Support Engineers logging calls can become expensive.


Because 1st Line Support Engineers are skilled in resolving customer issues. Their primary objective is the fix the callers issue and move onto the next fault.
It is so easy for an engineer to forget to fill out a new ticket for the issue. This leaves you with poor management information, and could even cost you money if your contracts are build on the number of support tickets that are logged per company.

We use your systems

Using your Cloud based ticketing system, First Call Helpdesk can log the initial call and set the customers expectation as to when they should receive a call back for the issue reported.
The caller would be provided with their unique ticket id,which would also be emailed to the caller for tractability of the call log.
Because calls would be prioritized using your service level agreements, this means the 1st Line support agent can work more effectively through his workload and easily identify critical issues.
Of course we can also transfer callers through to your 1st Line Support team should the call be of a critical nature.
This not only streamlines your processes but saves you time and money by utilizing a more cost effective resource.
Improving efficiency and productivity within your workforce.

If you would like to find out how our solutions could help your business you can either call Jane NOW on 
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