Why should you Outsource your IT- Repair Call-Logging Helpdesk


Over the last decade business have had to become more creative in their thinking, and open up a world of flexible services to suit their customer’s needs. Businesses have to have the edge over their competitors whilst driving down costs.

Predominantly IT Companies and Engineers have been allowed to work on the front line, answering calls and resolving Customer queries.

This has become a very expensive way to run your IT/Repair Fix business.

For small to Medium enterprises (SME’s), it’s often the case that they do not have the facilities or technology to generate critical statistics each month on thy types of calls and issues that have been reported. They run along using firefighting techniques with no clear sense of what is happening within their business.

By implementing simple straightforward techniques, any business can transform the way they work, reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Managing your calls

Call management software can be quite costly especially if you are a start-up business. But this is a necessity if you are going to stay ahead of your competitors.

Customers become impatient, and want to speak with a real person. Even if that person can simply take the call and assign it to the next available engineer.

Having systems and processes in place to handle the capacity of calls is vital for any service industry. Especially as the service Industry is expected to take calls 24/7/365 days per year.

Do you have systems and process in place that manage the amount of calls coming into your business per hour VS calls logged and resolved by Engineer?

Logging your calls

Are your Engineers responsible for logging your service desk calls?
Have you ever thought of how much more productive they would be if a team of agents were available to log the calls on their behalf?

Does your business even have Service Desk software?
You’d be surprised on how many businesses answer no to this question. 
How can you report on the types of issues you’ve received, callers who have called and keep a clear history of caller’s information if you do not use a service desk?

‘Logging the call ready for the Engineer to pick up in a priority order steam-lines the workflow of your workforce, making them more productive and efficient in their job.

Therefore reducing costs, and increasing productivity’.

  • Low Cost - no overheads
  • Reduces call time
  • Use of high tech phone systems
  • Professional personalised phone greetings
  • Scalability
  • Overflow
  • High cost Engineers
  • Longer call lengths
  • Limited lines into business
  • Calls queuing for lengthy periods
  • limited staff during Holidays and Sickness
  • Inability to queue unlimited calls

First Call Helpdesk is a boutique outsource provider that offers 24/7/365 call logging and engineer call-out solutions. If you would like to find out more, please give Jane a call on 0118 919 5255. Our solutions are build around your business needs. No customer has the same requirements. We’re small, personal, agile and most importantly friendly!

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