Service with a Smile

A call centre representative’s point of view

You know it is so easy to smile when the company you work for support, nurture and encourage you.

You know the key thing about a smile? It lifts the voice, so that even though your caller can’t see you, they can always hear it in your voice.

As everyone knows, smiling isn’t always that easy, there are so many pressures and strains, and it can be difficult to even lift a faint smile.

Yet, here the office is full of smiles. It is a joy to come into work; which in itself is unique.

I have worked for First Call Help Desk for 2 years now and there has never been a day when I didn’t want to come in. The power of positive attitude is evident, yet it’s not a pushy style with fake smiles. We are all genuine when we answer the phone; we want to help our callers.

When Jane asked me to write this blog, I looked at the plain white screen paper and froze. What on earth could I write about? Then I realised there was a lot I could talk to you about.

Starting with who I am; I am one of the people who take the calls of clients needing help, guidance or assistance.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m 40 and I have a variety of skills, one of them being a speech and drama teacher, a useful skill to have in a call centre. The variety of skills shown in the office with all my colleagues, who I also call friends, is enough to deal with anything that can be thrown at us.

I must confess I watched one episode of ‘the Call Centre’ on the BBC channel one night and whilst it was a very different environment , there was one key thing that I would have to agree with; when you answer the phone, always answer it with a smile. It really does come across and for me conjures up an image of Annie the musical….. well I did say I was a drama teacher!

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