NON -Techy First Line Support – “upping the Customers experience”

Here’s food for thought, what if your business model allowed for a non-techy team of agents, who could really engage with your customer’s – at their level?

And I’m not talking about a message taking service here either, but real intelligent people who love engaging with and helping your Customers?

Put yourself in YOUR customers’ shoes.

So I’ve purchased your software to make my life easier, and gone through training which was great, but I’m trying to do something and I cannot quite remember how to navigate myself to the place I want to be. Or, maybe I’ve forgotten my password and locked myself out and turn to you for help.

For one, using your techy team would be a really expensive way of utilising their skills, and two, whilst they are brilliant at what they specialise in they might not have the customer service skills to wow your customer. At the end of the day (a cliché I know!) people buy from people, and you really need to be ahead on the customer service/engagement route.

As you probably already know, I absolutely hate it when people read of scripts. There is no customer engagement, no rapport built, and it’s really not a great way to build the customer relationship. Imagine if you could talk to your customers ‘on their level’ and give them the answers they need in a way they understand. How good would that be both for your customers and your reputation!

With lots of companies moving away from automation, and going back to real old fashioned customer service, is your business in the right place?

It could be a real game changer for you – see how First Call Helpdesk can help WOW your customers today!

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