Value for your money

I’m a great believer in value for money, and really do love a bargain or two; don’t we all?

When it comes to business we all want to save money where we can, but we also have to be realistic. We often think that ‘doing it ourselves’ is going to be the cheapest option, but it is?

Let’s look at this way: you’re considering your options for staffing your support desk and establish that employing a person will probably cost you between £7.50 and £10.00 per hour.

Say you require a 24/7 solution. Even on £7.50 per hour for 24 hours a day this would cost you £187.50 per day and £1312.50 per week. Over the course of the year this would cost you £68,250 just for one person!

Then of course you have to factor in sickness and holidays and responsibilities for NI / PAYE and Pension contributions.

It all starts to look daunting and more an expensive option than a bargain doesn’t it?

As much as you might like the ‘control’ that keeping it in-house gives you – it simply does not make sense from a financial point of view and represents poor value for money.…

Outsourcing can make total sense!

It’s about identifying the right things to outsource and choosing the right partner.

Partners who will understand your needs, values your expectations and deliver a quality service at a competitive – some may say ‘bargain’ – price!

A partner who will take as much pride in the work as you do yourself.

A partner who promises to provide real people and real solutions so that your customers are happy with the service they receive, and you are happy that your business receives full value for its money.

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