Is YOUR business prepared for the storm?

BBC weather forecaster Michael Fish was left famously red-faced when, on the eve of the Great Storm of 1987, he assured the British public there would be no “hurricane”.

So as the UK braces itself for severe storm and rain, how is this going to effect your business tomorrow?

Millions of people in England and Wales have been warned to prepare for heavy rain and hurricane-force winds on Sunday night and Monday, meaning many people are not going to able to get to work.

You might be thinking – oh this is a one off – it hasn’t happened since 1987, but how many times does your business suffer because there is some sort of emergency?

Don’t let your business get in the disaster zone – plan how your calls can still be answered, even when the rest of the country is suffering.

To find out how Jane can help your business plan for its next disaster just leave a comment below, don’t leave it to chance – make sure your covered!

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