If YOU charge your Smart phone on your laptop you MUST read this!

This is really serious stuff!

For the past 6-8 months the Internet in our office has slowed to snail’s pace practically every afternoon! You could set your watch by it, and it was causing endless headaches (not literally).

We outsource our IT to a local Company Net Team Consultants (who are great I might add), and I had logged various support calls along with stack traces over the past few months, but this had left the experts scratching their head.

We ping ponged back and forth back and forth, our service desk blaming the Internet and the IT blaming the service desk.

On Monday this week it had got so bad that I logged yet another call, but this time spoke to Mike Snelling (he helped us set up First Call Helpdesk 18 months ago). Mike was really great, and asked me to reboot my router, and subsequently restart the server.

The next morning, I set about my day as normal, but slightly changed my usual routine. You see I forgot to charge my iPhone at home the night before, and I use it so much in business that it usually needs charging every afternoon. So I plugged it in through my laptop at work and the next thing I know the internet is going slow again!

I phoned Net Team, and let them know I had carried out everything that Mike had told me to, but today it was worse than ever. I was losing so much productivity due to the ‘snail’s pace’ internet. I received a call back from Dom at Net Team who logged on remotely to my PC. What he found next astounding me, and also left me a little red faced.

So what was it?

In March this year I started using Dropbox, and as a business owner this was a great way for me to share files with various experts like my web developer for example. Dropbox wasn’t directly the problem; the problem arose when I plugged in my iPhone to charge directly into my laptop EVERY afternoon. Dropbox would then start to sync all my thousands of videos and photos from my iPhone, which in turn slowed everyone’s internet down.

It sounds such a simple thing, and to be honest I would never have thought of it, or found out the cause of the problem had it not been for me changing my daily routine.

We were used to our internet going slow in the afternoon, and so were blaming our own internet provider for a rubbish service, even to the point where we were looking to change providers when our contract renewal came up.

So, who are you blaming in your business for something that is your mistake?

Sometimes you have to look a little bit closer to home and become accountable for your own mistakes and stop blaming others!

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